The Best Ways To Consume Marijuana

The world is finally coming around to the idea that marijuana is a great medicinal plant. In fact, marijuana may just be one of the most influential therapeutic herbs of the 21st century. Plenty of research reinforces this notion. Scientists continue to unveil ground-breaking new evidence that marijuana truly is a health force to be reckoned with.

With medical marijuana legalized in more and more states and progressive politicians supporting the cause left and right, most of us are familiar with the health benefits of this cannabis plant. However, a fundamental question is what's the healthiest way to consume marijuana?

Sadly, most people are still under the impression that the only way to cash in on these health benefits is to smoke marijuana. Sure, it’s one of the fastest ways to deliver THC and other cannabinoids into your nervous system, but is it the most ideal way?. For starters, there’s the coughing, sore throat and stench of smoke permeating through your clothes or house. Next, there’s the social stigma around smoking cannabis and how it isn’t viewed as classy.

It turns out smoking a joint is not so great for you — that is, if you want to keep your lungs pink and supple. Combustion of weed fills your lungs with toxic compounds and irritants, and you get more tar from a joint than an equal-sized cigarette; plus, it can be incredibly harsh on the throat. Yes, smoking is the quickest way to feel high, but that feeling often disappears just an hour or two after.

No need to fret, though — there are many alternative methods out there that slowly release tetrahedroncannibol (THC) into your bloodstream and give you all the lasting, colorful benefits of medicinal marijuana — without the negative side effects to your overall health. These new and improved ways to use cannabis are even causing the most conservative folks to join our side.

Using a vaporizer reduces the smoke intake by nearly 95 percent because the weed is burned at a lower temperature, significantly decreasing the level of nasty carcinogens and tar that enter your body. There's also a lot less resin build-up, so your teeth won't turn an unattractive shade of yellow. Experts everywhere are insisting that this is one of the healthiest ways to gain all that marijuana has to offer. Bongs are the king of marijuana paraphernalia. They come in all shapes and sizes and can often be quite beautiful. This ingenious contraption uses gravity to force the smoke into a holding chamber where it can be inhaled at your leisure,  it’s a fun way to consume cannabis that will get you extremely stoned. Dabbing is essentially a flash-vaporization method of cannabis delivery. And because the dab is concentrated extract, inhaling the vapors can get you super high in no time flat.

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